Wednesday, November 10, 2010

call me a lucky girl!

HELLO! weeeeee It was long ago since I last updated my blog. This is just a post of appreciation to HITZ.FM. I have no idea if they would get a chance to see this but I would just like to say THANK YOU to the whole (:

Throughout the year, I've won a few prizes from them. Early this march, I've won RM 100 cash from JJ &EAN and 2 months ago, I've just won another RM 200 levi's CASH VOUCHER through the game in the website. And just only today, I've gotten myself 4 tickets to watch HARRY POTTER and the DEADLY HALLOWS premier at wangsa walk this 16th!!!

Well, there might be people that will said that this ain't lucky or whatsoever, hell, who cares! I call myself lucky girl!! hahaha (: and BABY brings me luck! =) I love him so much! =D He was saying yerrr. why you always win things from them one! (so cute)

Baby, you're my best baby and you always will be! I love you so much =D

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life's too short

Life's too short to be wasted.

Life's too short to be not putting much effort in it.
Life's too short to let us rot.
Life's too short to be unproductive.

The loss of a life made me realized much.
It made me realized that I should stop saying "LATER" to anything.
It made me realized that I should start cherishing the days and times I have with my family.
It made me realized that I should love more and hate less.
It made me realized that I should feel contented always rather than empty.

This is not a post about Bryan but a post about the shock of hearing the news and finding out the truth.
The last time I met him was in 2007. The last time I heard about him was in 2007. I hope he REST IN PEACE.

Baby was right. If it were to be me who was being in the news, what's going to happen to my family? Cherish your life, your love your soul and the people you lovE!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

worries =/

Fell asleep accidentally and I woke up at 5am. Goddamnit!seriously like shit.

I tried more than 30 times trying to reach you over the cell and your msn offline.

Fucking shit. Worried like shit. Like I can do anything besides rotting here =/

I miss you my dear. WTF!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

stress and some personal opinion, a messy post i'd say

stress or depress? baby said I'm not stress but DEPRESs! I have no idea what I am now. I don't know what's coming about later, I rather not know or I rather know? I'm in a great dilemma now! yes ONE HUGE ONE!

So great that I couldn't even put myself to bed. I'd rather sit here and wait for the time to pass and read other's blog and not to bed. I hoped for a pass, and please let my dream come true! I hope you hear my prayers. The one that I truly prayed for. Not that others were not true, this is just one important one to me!

Maybe baby's right, the course is just not the right one for me! Stepping into the world is just a wrong decision made? or rather NOT? I have no idea already. I need to clear my own doubts and Make SURE what I want besides wasting my time trying on other stuffs.

I have been working for a month and ya I saw the true colors of the parents in Malaysia. They have been forcing their kids, who are innocent and THEY should be spending their sweet childhood in the kindergarten learning how to read and write and make new friends instead of facing PILES and PILES of homeworks at the age of 5!

I saw the stupidity in parents and the expectations in them. They blame the teachers for EVERYTHING! The child being unable to write at the age of 5, WHY? All I can say is because the parents didn't spend enough time with the child alone to teach him HOW TO FUCKING WRITE! You gave birth to the child, you have to raise him up and not just chuck him at a learning center or a kindergarten expecting the teacher to teach him EVERYTHING.

No, teachers can only guide them and not TEACH them. It doesn't matter how much you pay a month. To me, it is your responsibility. If you're working during the weekdays, then spend some time during the weekends. Just an hour every day will not harm you. Maybe because I don't have a kid right now, I couldn't understand. To me, the parents are like RICH ASSES that can afford A L.V. bag or a GUCCI. The time you can spend with your child is PRICELESS. Do not wait till the time when he grows up and he understands the world. He will never have that MUCH of time for you. The childhood of a kid is the BEST memory of his life and he shall never forget, be it good or bad.

I have no idea why did I typed such things out. I need a place to tell my feelings. I want to feel better. I really hope the parents that didn't treat their kids well could read what I wrote. Not that when you ask your son " Have you studied today? " and your son said "No" then you go bad mouth about the center makes you a great person or rather not. Because you'll never get a really good feedback about your child if you only wanna listen to GOOD things! Note that, nothing is ever gonna be perfect in Malaysia or rather this world. Nothing WILL GO AS YOU WISH. So stop dreaming!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Broga Hill after so long

Ok! So i've seen broga hill images and blog post almost every where. I've always wanted to see a sunrise since I was a kid. This time I found my "kakis" to conquer the broga hill with me. Bluddy excited eh? Ya, that was exactly how I felt like BEFORE I climbed and After that, I cried =/

all our pics (: weeeeeee

p/s: my first attempt of imageshack after so many years =/

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

trimmed my hair to a shorter length


FINALLY i trimmed my hair that looked like a bush =D well i'm kinda satisfied, hopefully a month later the effect would be better =P tidier dy although not much of differences..

Thursday, July 01, 2010

a RACIST post ( a car accident)


I was heading to work this morning! Happily i left my house =) YET, one small fucking mistake i made, i took the wrong turning and hence i kinda got lost. When I finally found my way, I was caught in a massive jam. Here things happened. This is not the first I got caught in an accident already but SECOND TIME in the same year. Why am I so pissed off?

TWICE the accidents I met was because of MALAYS. to me, they're BABIs. I'm not sure if this time that guy that banged my car is a malay or not, but he's not a chinese or indian that's what i know. It was so fucking jam, that I didn't realized there's ONE FUCKING MOTORCYCLE coming FROM DON'T KNOW WHERE, KNOWING THAT HE COULDN'T FUCKING SQUEEZE HIS MOTORCYCLE INTO THE LEFT LANE, PUSHING HIS WAY IN!

That's the WORST thing i've seen. The fucker WASN'T speeding at all, i'm fucking sure that he wasn't because he knocked the window on my left and he pushed his way through the whole way knowing that HE COULDN'T FUCKING PASSED!! and If only he knew what he was doing, he didn't push in my side mirror but fucking pushed it out and WHEN I HONKED AT HIM, HE FUCKING WENT OFF!

The first time when I met accident with the BABIs, they also ENJOY GOING BEHIND UR CAR AND SUDDENLY POP-ED OUT FROM DON'T KNOW WHICH PART OF HELL and banged into ur car claiming that you BANGED THEM! and that has caused me quite a lot.

TO ALL MOTORCYCLIST, please RIDE ONLY A MOTORCYCLE IF UR RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH!otherwise, WALK!! If ur so fucking POOR and can't afford to pay for the accident you've caused, DON'T BANG! WAIT FOR THAT 5 MINUTES IT'LL SAVE EVERYONE'S MONEY.